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Common vs Normal

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Let me tell you a quick story.



Most often a guy, let’s call him Mike, comes to see me with an issue like heartburn.

Mike and I talk about it for a little while and then I ask:

DrG: ‘Anything else going on?’

Mike: ‘Nope. Nothing.’

DrG: ‘Nothing else bothering you right now?’

Mike: ‘Nope.’

DrG: ‘Okay great. Well I’m just going to run through a list of questions from head to toe. Ever have headaches?’

Mike: ‘Oh yeah, I get headaches a couple of times a week.’

DrG: ‘Okay. And how bad are they?’

Mike: ‘Well, they’re pretty intense, I usually have to take something for them.’

We discuss headaches a little more.

DrG: ‘Any bloating when you eat?’

Mike: ‘Definitely, I always get bloated when I eat, I’m really gassy.’

And we move on collecting more issues like constipation, painful knees, back pain, and fatigue.

So, it’s not really just heartburn, Mike has heartburn, headaches, bloating, constipation, ‘bad’ knees, a “bad back” and low energy.

And when I bring this up to him, I get one of two replies (sometimes both)

Mike: ‘That’s just part of getting old I guess’ OR ‘Isn’t that normal?’

Normal vs Common
And the short answer is, NO, THAT’S NOT NORMAL!


Common is what we see around us all the time.

Common is waking up feeling bad. Common is having a digestive system that doesn’t work very well – stomach aches, heartburn, bloating and lots of gas, constipation, diarrhea, pain.

Common is having a body that doesn’t move very well – stiff, painful joints, sore muscles, having trouble standing up, having trouble walking.

Common is getting high blood pressure. Common is getting fatter and fatter over the years. Common is piling up little orange medicine bottles. Common is aging badly – watching our quality of life leak away once we pass 40.

Normal is what our bodies were designed to do. Age well and age gracefully. Maintain most of our function for the majority of our lives. We should wake up feeling good most of the time, that’s normal. If you wake up and feel bad, there’s a reason. Maybe you didn’t sleep enough or maybe something is seriously wrong, but it’s not normal, it’s just common.

People mistake what is common for what is normal.

Don’t settle for common, be abnormal. Become uncommonly healthy.


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