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Is there a simple test for autoimmunity?

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In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:
-Is there a simple test that can help you tell if you have autoimmunity?
-How medical tests work
-A simple and straightforward definition of autoimmunity
-Specific and general tests for autoimmunity


Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health. And in this quick video, I want to answer a question we get fairly frequently here at Aspire Natural Health.

At Aspire Natural Health we are experts at helping people with digestive issues and autoimmunity. While a lot of people who come to see us already have a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, many others come thinking they may have autoimmunity but aren’t sure.

Those people will often ask us if there’s a test they can do to tell whether they have autoimmunity or not. Let’s answer that question today.

The first thing we have to talk about, is medical tests, such as blood tests or urine tests or poop tests. I remember back before I was a doctor thinking that they would take these body fluids and just analyze them and see whatever was inside.

But that’s not how tests work, each test is designed to look for a specific thing, and a test can only find what it’s designed to look for. So for example a test to look for iron in your blood can only look for iron, it can’t tell you what your blood sugar is or how well your kidneys are working.

There is not test that just looks at everything, there are only specific tests that look for specific things.

So when it comes to autoimmunity, is there one single test that can look for any kind of autoimmunity?

And the answer is…


You see autoimmunity is a broad term that means that the immune system is attacking a part of your body. Since any part of your body can potentially be attacked by your immune system, there are many, many different kinds of autoimmunity.

For example if your immune system attacks your digestion that is IBD – UC and Crohn’s. If it attacks your joints that is Rheumatoid Arthritis, if it attacks your thyroid that’s Hashimoto’s, and if it attacks your brain then you have Multiple Sclerosis.

The problem is that while each of these types of autoimmunity is caused by the same thing, your immune system attacking a part of your body, the diseases themselves are all different.

So it’s possible to test for specific kinds of autoimmunity. In rheumatoid arthritis for example we can look for certain antibodies against your joints that aren’t normally there but most of the time are there in rheumatoid arthritis. If we suspect Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, we can test for specific antibodies that are part of that disease.

Many different types of autoimmunity have specific antibodies that can be looked for, and unfortunately many do not.

So if you come in with your joints swollen and hurting and we suspect you have rheumatoid arthritis we can test your blood looking to see if that’s true. But if you’re just not feeling good and think that you may have some autoimmunity going on, there is no general blood test we can do that can tell us whether you have autoimmunity or not.

Having said that the most general markers we have that can suggest there’s autoimmunity going on are our inflammatory tests.

Inflammation is a word you’ve probably heard a lot and what it means is that the immune system is active. Now in autoimmunity since your immune system thinks a part of your body is a nasty virus or bacteria and is constantly trying to attack and kill it, you have chronic inflammation.

We can often see that inflammation in your blood with two simple and inexpensive tests known as a sedimentation rate and a c-reactive protein. If these tests are high it means there’s a lot of inflammation in your body, but that doesn’t always mean you have autoimmunity. If you were sick with a cold you’ll find these markers are increased because your immune system is active and busy fighting the cold.

So there you have it…

Is there a single test you can take to tell if you have autoimmunity?

No, there isn’t.

General inflammation tests like the sedimentation rate and c-reactive protein can tell us if there’s a lot of inflammation and can be a valuable clue that there’s autoimmunity. And there are specific tests that can look for certain autoimmune conditions.

Some autoimmune disease are fairly easy to diagnose, and some are very tricky. Celiac disease for example, takes on average 7 years to get diagnosed because many doctors aren’t trained properly to spot it, and it can be very challenging to figure out.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with autoimmunity, I’d like I’d like to offer you the Guide we’ve put together on how we treat autoimmunity here at Aspire Natural Health, all you need to do it fill out the short form below and we’ll happily send that to you for FREE. So click down below…

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At Aspire Natural Health we are experts at helping people suffering with digestive issues and autoimmunity.

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