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Is yeast making your IBD worse?

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In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:

-The mycobiome (or the collection of yeasts inside you!)
-How bad bacteria and bad yeast can conspire to cause problems in IBD
-Our experience treating yeast and IBD


Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health

And in this quick video I want to talk to you about the gut mycobiome and IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Now just to be clear you may think I said the MICRObiome, but in fact I said the MYCObiome.

The gut microbiome is the collection of all the little beasties that live in our gut, but when most people say microbiome they mean our gut bacteria.

Now myco means yeast, so the mycobiome is the collection of all the yeast that lives inside of us.

Yes we have a mycobiome, and we even have a virome which is the collection of the viruses that live in us.

Most people know yeast as Candida, which is on particular type of yeast, that can overgrown and cause a lot of issues for people.

But, just like we used to think that all bacteria were bad and now we know that’s completely wrong, and that most bacteria are neutral, some are actually really beneficial to us, and a handful are harmful, I’m going to predict that we’ll find that yeast are the same.

That we have beneficial yeasts that help us in multiple ways, and I bet we’ll find the same for viruses as well, that there are beneficial viruses. I look forward to what we learn in the years to come.

But back to the study at hand which was conducted in 2017 and looked at the micro and mycobiome of people with IBD or Inflammatory bowel disease (typically Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis) and compared them to healthy relatives without IBD.

What they found was differences in both the bacteria and the yeast, and these changes were found to increase inflammation, tissue damage, and lesion formation.

Even more interesting they found that the inflammatory bacteria and yeast were interacting with one another to create biofilms.

If you haven’t heard of biofilms, we’ll tackle that in a future vlog.

What they found was that this combination of bacteria and yeast created thicker biofilms than normal and enhanced the virulence or nastiness of some of the bacteria. They also saw the biofilms were causing even more inflammation and were releasing enzymes that could cause leaky gut.

Not good stuff.

In our work, helping people with IBD we’ve definitely seen that bacterial imbalances are almost a major factor for people dealing with IBD. And sometimes yeast is a major issue as well.

Now this is speculation as I don’t have enough evidence to draw a conclusion, but there is a blood test that can be used to detect IBD known as ASCA or anti-saccromyces cerevisiae antibodies. And what they’ve found is these antibodies aren’t just specific to the saccromyces yeast but cross-react with other yeast too. If you’re wondering if yeast are a major part of your IBD, this test MIGHT suggest where it’s an issue or not.

Or you could simply add anti fungal herbs or medications into your treatment protocol and see if you see improvement, we certainly have with many people we’ve worked with.

So there you have it…The MYCOBIOME in IBD. Research is just beginning in this area, but clinically we’ve seen that treating yeast is a key factor in helping many people who are suffering with IBD.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease like UC or Crohn’s, I’d like to offer you an expert guide on how we treat and help people with IBD here at Aspire Natural Health, all you need to do it fill out the short form below and we’ll happily send that to you for FREE. So click down below.

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Until next time folks…Take care!


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