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20982664928 d04c87d2a7 z 382x218 - Women! Stress can hurt your gut bacteria as much as a bad diet

Women! Stress can hurt your gut bacteria as much as a bad diet

Women, stress can hurt your gut bacteria as much as a bad diet. Listen to this short to discover more….

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6093699369 0555be5ea9 z 382x218 - How to make functional medicine more affordable

How to make functional medicine more affordable

Functional / Integrative / Natural medicine is the greatest thing since (gluten free) sliced bread! Functional medicine doctors are often…

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Can simple, natural therapies help serious disease? DrG talks with Dr. Nancy Welliver

Can simple natural therapies help serious diseases? Quote: “If you provide the nutrition, and take away the waste products, cells…

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How to have a healthy baby and a healthy mom! DrG talks with Dr. Caitlin O’Connor

How to have a healthy baby & a healthy mom! In this episode of the ANHP, DrG talks with natural…

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A Cure For Addiction? – DrG talks with Elizabeth Bast and Chor Boogie

Could a plant from Africa, a psychedelic, be a key to freeing people from addiction? Tweet: Could a plant from…

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and hormone deficiencies – DrG talks with Dr. Mark Gordon

This week DrG talks with Dr. Mark Gordon, MD expert in hormone replenishment therapy, and a pioneer in uncovering the science behind TBI (traumatic brain injury) and hormonal deficiencies. Through his work, he has saved hundreds of veterans from suicide, and helped many other people regain their quality of life.

In this episode they cover:
-DrG’s story of his dad and the effects of his stroke
-TBIs and neuroendcrionlogy (brain chemistry). Brain injury = brain inflammation = brain dysfunction & depletion of neurosteroids
-Testosterone’s effects on the body and brain. How it can help Alzheimer’s disease
-Dr. Gordon’s journey into hormone replacement, and into brain injury and hormonal deficiency
-Psychiatric illness (anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more) and hormones
-How you don’t need to have a “big” brain trauma like a concussion or big accident to have brain trauma
-Do women need testosterone?
-Low testosterone and sleep disturbances
-Do hormones cause cancer?
-Brain injury can continue to worsen for 17 years after the injury
-What to do if you or someone you know has a head injury to protect them
-Is PTSD due to brain trauma that wasn’t treated?
-A veteran who went from suicidal and hospitalized to thriving with appropriate hormone treatment
-Hormones for treating substance abuse
-Hormones for treating treatment resistant anxiety and depression

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Specialists, Synthesizers, and Popularizers – DrG talks with Dr. Tommy Wood

In this episode of the ANH podcast, DrG talks with Dr. Tommy Wood of NourishBalanceThrive.

They discuss:
-How you must master the basics to master the craft – many practitioners out there use cookie-cutter protocols instead of truly understanding the basics and tools
-Tommy’s story – how he got into medicine as an MD and his journey into functional medicine
-The importance of Specialists, Synthesists, and Popularizers
-How private health insurance dis-incentivizes preventative care
-How Iceland has tackled drugs & alcohol by changing the environment
-The importance of community, and how good health habits can sometimes damage people’s community
-The most important messages they tell their clients at Nourish Balance Thrive
-How to work with MD’s to coax them into integrative medicine
-Why integrative practitioners need to publish their protocols and case reports
-Avoiding dogma in both conventional and functional medicine

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Better sex for women! DrG talks with Karyn Wagner about Sexxpot

DrG talks with Karyn Wagner about a “new” treatment to help women with low libido – cannabis!

They discuss:
-The difference between sexual function and libido
-How women’s cannabis needs are very different from men’s
-All cannabis is not the same, the developing differentiation of cannabis for different groups
-It’s not just about the cannabinoids (THC and CBD), don’t forget the terpenes
-What women should look for cannabis for libido enhancement
-The difference between CBD from hemp and cannabis
-Is cannabis regulation good or bad?

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Holistic medicine for our pets! DrG talks to holistic vet Dr Richard Palmquist

In this weeks episode DrG talks with holistic vet Dr. Richard Palmquist

This discuss:
-Richard’s very conventional beginnings
-An amazing origin story – how Rick’s efforts to put an integrative practitioner out of practice led to his conversion
-How treating a German Shepherd caused Rick to faint
-The response of the drug reps when Rick started changing his practice
-It’s all community at every level
-What is chi (qi)?
-Medicine as gardening vs warfare
-How are regular vets and the profession of veterinary medicine in general responding to integrative medicine and practitioners?
-How pets and people often share the same diseases
-Building a healthier world for people and pets

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A cure for 90% of chronic pain! DrG interviews Dr. David Hanscom

DrG talks with veteran spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom about a simple and inexpensive regimen that could help or even cure 90% of people with chronic pain!

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