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The True Treatment of Cancer with Donnie Yance

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Donnie Yance has been doing integrative cancer care for more than 30 years, and has helped many people go on from a a terminal diagnosis of stage 4 cancer to live happy and healthy lives far outliving their diagnosis.

Dr. Gerstmar considers Donnie is one of his mentors, and is at the top of his list when consulting about cancer.  Donnie is a treasure trove of information and one of the rare practitioners who has cultivated a strong heart and mind centered practice.


In this podcast they discuss:

-No medicines are bad, but we need to understand them, and when they are appropriate. There are people who get tremendous benefit from conventional medicine, those who they don’t help, and those who are hurt by those treatments. The same is true for all medicines

-Three types of treatment for three types of cancer – Go-go (aggressive cancer = aggressive treatment), slow-go (in-between; medicines carefully considered and often treatments at lower doses or specific timing), no-go (passive, slow growing cancer = little to no treatment)

-The fearful atmosphere of medicine & reasons oncologists often won’t consider alternatives

-True cancer care – treating the person + treating the tumor

-Cancer is not cancer. Not all cancer is the same, and each person with cancer should be treated individually. Genetics alone are not enough to create a treatment plan. Genetics have to be considered in the context of the whole person!

-The nervous system is a big driver of cancer growth. Sympathetic mode drives the growth of cancer. Poor HRV (heart rate variability) is a predictor of poor cancer prognosis

-Cancer must hijack the microenvironment to grow. It will be unable to grow or become problematic if it is unable to hijack the environment. We must retake control of the microenvironment – inflammation, immune system, pH, nutrients, blood clotting

-The heart must be the driver and the brain must come in service to the heart

-The history of herbal medicines in he US and in particular Eclectic medicine

-Surgery shouldn’t necessarily be the initial treatment. You might do treatment for 6-8 weeks before doing surgery. Cancer is a systemic disease, even when the tumor is local. If whatever we’re doing is effective than the tumor is going to shrink


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Book: Adaptogens and Medical Herbalism by Donnie Yance

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  1. Debra Elsass says:

    Hi my name is Debra and I am stage IV with bowel cancer. It has become metastatic and now in my abdomen, liver and lungs. Very slow growing and I have always gone down the conventional path. This is no longer working and my oncologist is talking immunotherapy, but I am on a rather large waiting list. I live in Sydney Australia. I’m wondering if you can help me with this disease. Everything is becoming very overwhelming and I’m not even sure about diet anymore.


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